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We have developed the Fuel3D handheld scanner, a point-and-shoot 3D imaging system that captures high resolution (~350 microns) shape and color information of objects. Fuel3D is the world’s first 3D scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process files in seconds.

And, most importantly of all, the Fuel3D costs less than one tenth of the cost of comparable handheld 3D scanning systems. Check out our comparison chart to get an idea for how we stack up against other scanning options.

The Fuel3D scanner works in much the same way as a normal digital camera – literally point and shoot! But it shouldn’t be confused with the consumer 3D cameras available today.

The Fuel3D camera is significantly more advanced.

When we say 3D, we mean our system resolves a fully 3D surface consisting of a large number of physical and color measurements. These can then be viewed from any direction, edited, and used as source material for 3D printing or for on-screen manipulation.

So what can I use Fuel3D for?

Fuel3D can be used by anyone who wants the ability to rapidly create 3D models. Whether you are part of the maker movement, involved in mass personalization, a game developer, animator, 3D artist or any other type of creative developer, Fuel3D is a tool for you.

Fuel3D particularly excels in the capture of objects and surfaces including:


  • Skin, e.g. faces and body parts
  • Fabrics
  • Organic subjects e.g. plants, leaves
  • Stone, masonry, brick
  • Food
  • Artwork, e.g. textured paintings, statues


Technical stuff

When you take a picture on a conventional 3D mobile phone or digital camera you are using a technique known as stereoscopic imaging. This uses two camera viewpoints, one for each eye, to display a “3D” image on a stereoscopic screen that gives the impression of depth.

In contrast, the core technology behind Fuel3D fuses geometric and photometric stereo 3D recovery techniques and is finely tuned to capture high resolution 3D color images. This raw capability provides the opportunity for an object to be captured in true 3D geometry and full color for any other non-medical applications. The technology is also inherently good at capturing other highly textured surfaces, both organic and inorganic.

Once a shot has been taken on the Fuel3D scanner the raw image data is converted into true 3D color geometrical data by our own software, which is included with the Fuel3D scanner. To run the Fuel3D software, you will need a reasonable specification computer (Mac, Windows 7 or higher, 2GB RAM, dual-core processor).

Our software generates a 3D color data file and allows some basic editing functionality prior to export:


  • Trimming of unnecessary areas
  • Adjusting the resolution for export, in turn reducing the polygon number for easier handling
  • Exporting in commonly used 3D file formats, including .STL and .PLY with color


Output resolution from Fuel3D varies with the distance of the system to the subject. The average resolution is approximately a 350 micron sampling. For further product specifications and other technical information please click here to download our technical overview.

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